The Elite Are Those Who, Not Just in Words, Serve for the Benefit of Ukraine

There is a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together


Victor Hvozd


These holidays, I decided to share some thoughts with you.


I am often asked why on my Facebook and Telegram on geopolitics there are so few subscribers, while scandals and rumors platforms that spread discord and schism in our society, there are thousands and thousands of subscribers. In the USA, Russia, Great Britain, China, India and even our neighbors — Poland, Romania, Hungary, there are many platforms where the issues of geopolitics and foreign policy are discussed lively in the society, claims are made to some territories or their territories are defended. Why don’t we do so?


I’ll try to answer.

  1. Respected are nations that respect themselves, aspiring to live in their independent, sovereign states, who, while overcoming the thorns of state-building, have managed to crystallize their geopolitical consciousness (i.e., have sought and found the answer to the question: who are we? where are we? how to live in these geopolitical conditions? how to become successful? how not to become an “outsider” in the world ranking of successful nations? how not to hang out within the “red lines”? or, more precisely, in the zone of influence of other countries, that is, not how not to actually be under external rule and not to be a servant of “masters” (that excludes real subjectivity in international relations) and how not to be doomed to stagnation and survival inside the country).
  2. Those who think that this is the duty solely of authorities we elect, are absolutely wrong. The authorities can do this only under the Ukrainian society’s constant, strict and comprehensive control. And especially — the elite’s one. You can tell me, we have no elite. We have only those who have fallen greedily on the trough and are “eliting”. Here I have to agree. But the elite are those who, in fact, not just in word, serve for the benefit of Ukraine. And no matter in what posts they are, from politics to business. I agree that they are few so far, still being a passionate part of the society, but thanks to them the Revolution of Dignity (though, its fruits were quickly used by scoundrels, however this was also an experience for our society), it is thanks to them and the cost of their lives that the Russian aggression was stopped (although today TV channels and the Internet are high jacked by “patriots” who had been hiding abroad, in cozy houses or apartments during the stormy events of 2014–2016. And those who, imitating patriotism would put on camouflage, grab arms, take photos in the East of Ukraine to scatter their “hero images” on social networks).

I also agree with what I saw during my travels to some countries — from China to the United States — the elites appear, get educated, grow up, and then the passionate part of the society is replaced by its locomotive, avant-garde. And this is the case of more than one generation. We need to realize this.

  1. Of course, few in the world today tend to care about others. And this is a common phenomenon. Americans view the world through the lens of their interests, and so do the Russians. China went further, in Chinese, the name of the country sounds zhong guo, where the first hieroglyph means “middle” and the second means “kingdom (country)”. That is, “the middle kingdom”, “the central state”. Thus, the egocentrism of the Chinese nation for millennia has been the foundation of its geopolitical consciousness. And that is exactly the case, nothing is changing in this world, despite globalization processes and various technological revolutions.
  2. And finally, not to bore you with philosophy during the great holiday — Palm Sunday. I will not remind that against us, apart from the ordinary war (although there are other, opposite views in the society), there is a war on the cognitive level, when they try to erase our identity, our historical memory, to present us as “failures”, a non-state nation. We strive to convey all this to our society, not on emotions, but on specific examples and facts, using our great experience in intelligence and diplomatic fields, working with students of Ukrainian universities, in various blogs and social networks, that no one will do this for us. After all, there is a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together. Slowly, but step by step we should move forward.


So, I end with where I started, that is, I answer the question why we are not read a lot. Because the topic is complicated, not everyone can “digest” it, it may not coincide with a reader’s internal beliefs and attitudes (and this is natural).

But, nevertheless, I am grateful to the two hundred “Spartans” who do endure me on Telegram and to a bit more readers on Facebook.

Share these resources with your friends and associates. And don’t forget that only together we can win. And not by bread alone!


Happy Easter to those who have already celebrated and those who are going to celebrate!


Glory to Ukraine!!!


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