The course for students — “Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State’s Intelligence Activity”

For the fourth year now, the course “Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State’s Intelligence Activity” in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy has been taught by President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd. In 2019 alone, the course was attended by more than 80 students studying at the Department of General and Public Law, and three dozens of students studying Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Technologies.

The Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” provides an opportunity for young analysts to express their views on a particular issue related to the political, economic, security, information situation in Ukraine and in the world, as well as to some theoretical issues.


In the end of the course the students wrote essays, some of which we found possible (and useful) to publish on our website (preserving the author’s style).

The list of essays is constantly updated

Note that an authors’ point of view can disagree with the editor’s one.


1. Bodak Oleh. “Information-Analytical Activity”

2. Bodnaruk Marta. “Intelligence Cycle. Intelligence Data”

3. Martyniuk Kateryna. “Intelligence as a Tool and a Special Body of the State”

4. Melnyk Danil. “The Problem of Artificial Intelligence in a Matter of National Security and Activities of Intelligence Services”

5. Bondar Maksym. “Intelligence Process (Cycle)”

6. Vasylenko Oleksandr. “German Intelligence Agencies: Structure, Leadership, Tasks and Legal Aspects of Activity”

7. Vorotnikova Kristina. “Diplomacy and Intelligence. Interconnection Between the Activities of the Foreign Policy and Intelligence Services of the State”

8. Derkachenko Anna. “Security and Defense Sector. Directions of Development of the Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine”

9. Karpenko Anastasiia. “The US Intelligence’s Cinema Image”

10. Levinska Yuliia. “Composition and Activity of the Intelligence Agencies of Ukraine in the Soviet Era of 1917–1991”

11. Avdeeva Tetiana. “Basic Principles of the Intelligence”

12. Bisiuk Veronika. “Intelligence in the Postmodern World: Peculiarities, Problems and Solutions”

13. Skopina Daria. “Intelligence Agencies of Ukraine: Classification, Characteristics, Features of Activity”

14. Bozhko Vladyslav. “Peculiarities and Lessons of Russia’s “Hybrid War” Against Ukraine”

15. Sieda Sofiia. “The Postmodern World: Characteristics, Crisis of the Post-Modern Civilization, Transformation of the World Order”

16. Prokhorov Pavlo. “Current Military-Political and Security Situation in the World, in the European Region and Around Ukraine”

17. Pavlenko Vladyslav. “Forms, Methods and Means of the Intelligence”

18. Olesia Zinevych. “Priorities and Reforming of the National Security of Ukraine’s System in the Modern Environment”

19. Bulavina Diana. “US Intelligence Services: Task, Structure, Leadership, Legal Aspects of the Activity”



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