Educational Materials of the “Borysfen Intel” Centre

For the fourth year now, the course “Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State’s Intelligence Activity” in Kyiv-Mohyla Academy has been taught by President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd. In 2019 alone, the course was attended by more than 80 students studying at the Department of General and Public Law, and three dozens of students studying Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Social Technologies.

A similar course, “Intelligence as a Tool of Implementing the State’s Foreign Policy”, has been taught at the National Aviation University of Ukraine since 2019.

We offer you educational and methodological materials, prepared at the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”: lectures, video extracts, videos of student’s internship defence, as well as essays made by students after listening to the course.

1. Lectures and Other Materials of the Course

Lectures, methodological materials, presentations, tests.

(The material is constantly updated)

2. Video Extracts
3. Students' Essays

Essays made by students at the end of the course.

(The material is constantly updated)

4. Students' Internship Defence

Videos of students’ internship defence

(The material is constantly updated)

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