The end of martial law in Ukraine

December 26 at 14:00 the thirty-day martial law ended, disappointing both critics and supporters of its introduction.

Results from the President: “Together with the martial law, the support and concrete actions of our international partners, their pressure on the Kremlin… stopped the worst scenario that the Russian Federation planned among other things. Our military, our diplomats, our partners did not let Putin cross another red line”.

It is difficult to argue with this, we do have an active international support, while the aggressor’s powerful forces are concentrated around Ukraine.

The official results from the Chief of the General Staff are even more optimistic: “Today, at the meeting of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, I have reported to the President of Ukraine, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the results of the martial law:

Firstly, the General Staff is capable of deploying joint force groupings in case of a threat of Russia’s direct invasion.

Secondly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready, within a short period of time, to significantly increase the number of combat units at the expense of a professional and motivated operational reserve. More than 30,000 reservists have renewed their skills during the trainings.

Thirdly, comprehensive trainings of territorial defense brigades were conducted and practical interaction with state authorities and other components of the country’s defense forces was established.

The General Staff, in the face of the threat of open aggression, took large-scale organizational and training measures for the defense of the country.

A detailed analysis of the actions taken by all the components of the state defense sector under the martial law will allow to resolve the problems detected and to increase the combat capabilities of our Armed Forces”.

In this case, optimism seems somewhat exaggerated, but indeed the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have gained and did gain the experience that needs to be analyzed and conclusions to be drawn from.

But at the level of territorial defense, the bravura of reporting is worrying.

“At present, a powerful system of territorial defense has been created in Ukraine, the force of which is in combining military and civilian components in defense of the Motherland. It is the creation of brigades of territorial defense, the involvement and preparation of motivated and patriotic citizens that will enable the formation of a security environment in Ukraine, guarantee peaceful life and contribute to a significant increase in the defense capability of our state”, — said Colonel Andriy Bevzyuk (Head of the Interaction Department of the Territorial Defense Command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).

The martial law showed the country’s threatening tendency — the lower the security management level and the closer to the “ground”, the more in the actions of the executors genuine desire to achieve the result by the available forces and means, exaggerations in the assessment of achievements and incompetence. Such a weakness in the security management vertical is a serious threat to the security of the country, especially in the context of the war.


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