Switzerland-China: A Single Strategy Is Needed

Serhiy Polyovyk

China and Switzerland are actively trying to find points of contact for further cooperation, to develop already existing and promising for expansion markets of both sides. To Europe this may mean a partial loss of control over the implementation of the PRC’s “Belt and Road” initiative in terms of China’s expansion on the European continent through a non-aligned and neutral Switzerland.

Most likely, Switzerland will soon improve the mechanisms of a coordinated policy of its departments, which will become a must for Swiss participants in external relations. This, in turn, will lead to greater intensification of the Sino-Swiss dialogue and the emergence of new centers of geo-economic and geopolitical power in Europe and in the world.

Taking this into consideration, it would be advisable for Ukraine to take into account certain shortcomings in the tactics of the Swiss politicians’ negotiations with their partners in China and the Chinese side’s attitude to them.

Based on the experience of Ukrainian-Chinese relations and the state of interaction with partners in Europe, it would be advisable to formulate actual proposals to China and European partners on Ukraine’s desire to participate in global geopolitical and geo-economic projects in Europe and Asia.

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