Future Lessons for Ukraine. EU Migrants

Serhiy Polyovyk

Among the important events of international life that are in the sight of analysts, there are, of course, the results of the last EU summit, which took place in late June, 2018. Some issues that were considered at the summit on resolving migration problems in the EU, indirectly related to Ukraine. And this will in one way or another influence Ukraine’s relevant agreements and commitments to the EU.

The problems of receiving and accommodating refugees in so-called “transfer centers”, which will be set up in countries outside the EU, may also apply to Ukraine, in case of a possible EU’s proposal, to agree to creation of such centers in our territory.

The Ukrainian government should consider the prospects and consequences of accepting or rejecting such a proposal from the EU and work out the appropriate state position. It is advisable at the state level to in-depth study the negative effect of such a decision and possible socio-political, economic and other losses.

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