Iran: the “Red” Level of Threat

Vadym Volokhov

June 24, 2018, in Iran’s capital, Tehran, rapidly began gaining strength the protests caused by a sharp fall in the rate of the national currency. On that day, on the unofficial foreign exchange market, the Iranian Rial fell to a record low of 87,000 Rials for 1 US dollar.

As you know, in January 2018 a wave of people’s protests swept across Iran. Six months have passed and the Islamic Republic is again suffering from protests of the population. In January of this year Iranian economists and reformist politicians called on the Iranian government and the Supreme Leader to undertake reforms, first of all economic ones, to improve the material situation of the population.

In vain! There was practically nothing done, and problems continued to accumulate. Six months have passed, time and opportunity have been lost, and now Iran has come up a step closer to the revolution than it was in January this year.

Thus, the Islamic Republic has entered the stage of a “red threat”. The issue is growing ripe of peaceful transition of power from the clerical regime to people’s democracy and of formation of a new state policy. Other, intermediate options, do not solve current problems. This situation clearly shows that the ruling regime is not able to cope with the situation in which national protests have gained a systemic character and will be repeated and strengthened in the future.

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