Iran: Mercenaries and Gangsters

Vadym Volokhov

Only yesterday, we reported the lack of supporters of the regime and its certain fears about the transition to a hard-line scenario. It looks like the government has decided on its further actions.

In Iran, mass arrests of protesters have begun, dozens of Iranians have been killed, hundreds have been arrested. Basij’s militants and mobilized criminals fire weapons at crowds of people.

In the scenarios of suppression of people’s protests, the authorities have applied a new method: organization and conduct of “anti-meetings” at night, for which the veterans of the IRGC, “Basij” and law enforcement agencies are actively involved. “Like cures like!”

The authorities rely on veterans tested in battles that have to fix the situation on the streets of cities.

But the regime counts not only on domestic reserves. According to the “NORS for Studies” with reference to Iranian sources, mercenaries from Afghanistan (members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade) have arrived in Isfahan to assist the regime in suppressing protests.

They will hardly resolve the problem, but they sure thing will manage to infuriate people! This once again shows that the regime has decided to retain the power by all means.

The leader of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan (PAK) Hussein Yazdanpanah
The leader of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan (PAK) Hussein Yazdanpanah

We can’t ignore another fact, which has just become known.

The Iranian Kurd nicknamed “Stalin,” the leader of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan (PAK), Hussein Yazdanpanah, has stated that the Iranian Kurds had made a great contribution to the struggle against the Iranian regime in general, and in the current events, in particular.

He has called on the United States and the international community to support the Iranian Kurds.


The Iranian Kurdish “Freedom Party of Kurdistan” (Partiya Azadîya Kurdistan, PAK) is expelled and located in the north of Iraq. The Party was founded in 1991 on the basis of the Organization of Iranian People’s Guerrillas (OIPF). In the 80’s of the last century, OIPF was forced to leave Iran and joined the Kurdish movement in the cities of Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah and Erbil. In 2006, at the regular congress of the party, OIPF was renamed “The Freedom Party of Kurdistan”.

The PAK has a fairly complex relationship with the Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK), with the activity of which it disagrees. It cooperates closely with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) and the KOMALA Party (Society of Revolutionary Workers of the Iranian Kurdistan).

Flag and emblem of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan The founder of the Party Ali Qazi
Flag and emblem of the Freedom Party of Kurdistan The founder of the Party Ali Qazi

The goal of the Party: in the short term — division of power between ethnic groups in Iran. In the longer term — creation of a Kurdish state. Former party’s leader Ali Qazi is the son of the President of the “Republic of Mahabad”, the founder of the PDKI, Qazi Muhammad. The party has its offices in Europe, Scandinavia, and North America. It is a member of the “Kurdistan National Congress”. Together with the “Peshmerga” units, the Party’s troops were actively fighting the ISIS. Hussein Yazdanpanah himself was the front commander and led his troops in the area of Mosul (Northern Iraq). The Party actively supports the struggle for independence of the Kurds of the Southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan, Western (Syrian) Kurdistan, Eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan.


So, the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is resorting to new forms of pressure to suppress the protests and is ready to defend its power.



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