American-Iranian Confrontation and Interests of Ukraine

Oleksiy Volovych
Ph.D. in History

Part 2

American-Iranian Confrontation and Interests of Ukraine. Part 1

The Middle East has been and remains a very conflict-prone region in which many countries conflict with each other. For example, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel are in a multi-year conflict with Iran. Since June 2017, Qatar’s relations with the KSA, UAE, ARE and Bahrain have got worse. Turkey’s has tense relations with Israel, Egypt and, to some extent, Saudi Arabia. As for Syria, Turkey is in the state of war with it. Headed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the “Arab Coalition” for the fourth year has been intervening in Yemen, trying to suppress the rebellion of the Houthis. Since 2011, the fighting between different tribes and clans in Libya has not stopped.

According to the doctrine of the Middle Eastern policy of Ukraine, our state is trying to maintain normal relations with all the countries of the Middle East, not siding with any country, which is in conflict with other countries of the region. Ukraine supports normalization of relations between all Middle Eastern countries. Based on this, Ukraine’s policy towards Iran cannot be pro-American, pro-Israeli or pro-Saudi. Ukraine’s policy towards Iran can only be pro-Ukrainian and pro-European, taking into consideration the fact that Ukraine is a great European state.

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