The Volumes of Gas Consumption Confirm that Our Economy Is Reviving

Bohdan Sokolovskyi

According to the Ukrainian State Statistics, in August of this year, gas consumption in Ukraine grew by 16.6 % as compared to August of 2016.

Undoubtedly, such an indicator can be considered positive for our state, as it shows, first of all, the growth of gas consumption by enterprises of the Ukrainian economy (taking into account the pumping-in into the Underground Gas Storages). During this period, the volume of consumption (directly and indirectly) by the public sector remained virtually unchanged compared to last year’s. While the volumes of the gas injection into the Underground Gas Storages are larger than a year ago for the specified period, but they were not taken into account in determining the volume of its consumption.

On the other hand, this growth of consumption shows, in particular, the slow introduction of energy saving technologies in our country and the unsatisfactory rates of restructuring of the Ukrainian economy, which should reduce the total volume of gas consumption.

Of course, such technologies need to be introduced everywhere — including among the largest gas consumers — both in the economy and in the public sector. All this can be done within 3–5 years, provided that the state approves a clear program and appoints persons in charge for its implementation. Meanwhile, such measures, together with an increase in the volume of production of the gas of Ukrainian origin, should guarantee Ukraine’s full “gas” independence. And then, when such a capacity of our state (to do without gas imports) is guaranteed, the key role will be played by the international market.


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