23.11.2018. The forum “A New Social Doctrine”, organized by Yulia Tymoshenko, took place in Kyiv

The forum was intended to work out ways to reorient the state policy to ensure a decent standard of living for the population. This is already the fourth such event within the framework of the “New Course of Ukraine” initiative. The previous forums discussed amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, issues of state security and defense, as well as economic policy.

In this way, Yulia Tymoshenko is trying to intercept from Petro Poroshenko the initiative of forming the agenda in Ukraine.

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19.11.2018. Nationalist forces failed to nominate a single candidate for the presidency

The nationalist political forces — Svoboda, the Right Sector, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists and the “C14” — signed a joint statement on the support of Ruslan Koshulynskyi, a representative of “Svoboda”, as a candidate for the presidency of Ukraine in the 2019 elections. At the same time, the candidacy of R. Koshulynskyi was not supported by the “National Corps”, whose leader Andriy Biletskyi himself plans to stand for election.

Despite the strong electoral support, nationalist forces create conditions for inner competition, thus giving up the struggle for power, instead of becoming one of the key political players, especially in case of destabilization of the internal political situation in Ukraine.

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09.11.2018. The co-head of the “Opposition Bloc” faction in the Parliament and leader of the “For Life” party signed an agreement on cooperation

Vadym Rabinovych’s party “For Life”, earlier associated with Victor Medvedchuk, has signed an agreement on cooperation with “Opposition Bloc” of Victor Boyko, who is the co-head of the faction and the representative of the Firtash-Lyovochkin group in the Parliament. The agreement means that both these opposition groups have agreed on a common strategy for the presidential and parliamentary elections.

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