Should Ukraine Restore Its Nuclear Status?

Victor Hvozd on Ukraine 24 TV channel




Victor Hvozd — the Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (2014–2016), Lieutenant General, Doctor of Military Sciences in the program “TODAY. DAY” on the national news TV channel “Ukraine 24”. Discussion of key events that affect the life of every Ukrainian. Maria Skyba and Andriy Bulharov on important topics.

“Should Ukraine restore its nuclear status? Do Ukraine’s partners have high-precision weapons? Does Russia? If we had nuclear weapons now — would there be such a situation as there is today in the Donbas and Crimea? Ukraine’s efforts to regain nuclear status — how can our partners perceive this? Is a limited Russian offensive in Ukraine possible? Should we do as Israel does in defending its country? Can an organization like the Mossad be created in Ukraine? Does Ukraine have the political will to take decisive steps? What has to be done for special services in Ukraine to become effective? What prevents our special services from returning Yanukovych to Ukraine?”…

Is it possible to give detailed or at least short answers to these questions within 16 minutes? Yes, it is. Listen and watch.


Victor Hvozd on Ukraine 24 TV channel (in Ukrainian):


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