German-Language Media on the Confrontation in the United States

The United States Will Be Designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization


The events of the mass unrest in the streets of the United States, provoked by the death of an African-American from excessive police brutality, have  not gone unnoticed by the European media.

Protests against racism and police arbitrariness continue all over the United States. Initially, the protests were peaceful and consisted mainly of acts of civil disobedience and blockade of highways. However, there were clashes and pogroms, and in dozens of US cities, protesters and police acted brutally.

US President D. Trump has blamed the left-wing radical movement ANTIFA as co-responsible for the riots and called it a terrorist organization.

The United States is facing the threat of the country’s militarization due to internal factors. Does the President of the United States have the constitutional right to use regular armed forces to bring order to the country’s streets?

The confrontation in the United States between the African-American community and law enforcement agencies continues, and the trend of escalation and the use of force has not yet been overcome. At this, covert participation in the organization and incitement of protests in the United States by external forces, including Russia, is not ruled out.

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