Elements of China’s Vulnerability

The Scope of Sustainability of Xi Jinping’s Political System


Serhiy Polyovyk

European media and analysts specializing in geopolitics have recently paid attention to China’s expansionist policy. Some disturbing trends can be observed in today’s China. The ruling Communist Party of China, led by Xi Jinping, has suddenly begun to notice facts of an internal partial recession in the economy, and ambiguous political challenges in the society.

Since China is considered to be an important trading partner of the FRG, its current problems in one way or another, form a negative a negative impression about Germany. The leading EU country is concerned about how the Chinese leader will respond to new challenges and how China’s actions will affect the global economy.

It is important for Berlin to understand the scope of the viability of President Xi Jinping’s state machine system. And how its regime will work (for China, Germany and the rest of the world), when new challenges and dangers arise.

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